Steam Specialties & Expansion Joints

 Spence SPENCE ENGINEERING Co.  –Steam & Fluid Control Devices:  Pressure Reducing Valves,  Pressure Regulators, Back Pressure Regulators, Differential Regulators, Control Valves, Mixing & Diverting Valves, Commercial & Cryogenic Safety Relief Valves, Desuperheaters,  Removable Reusable Insulation/Acoustical Jackets.

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 Nicholson NICHOLSON STEAM TRAP Co.  –Steam Traps:  Thermostatic, Thermodynamic, Inverted Bucket, Float and Thermostatic, Free/Variable Orifice Traps and Pressure Powered Condensate Pump.

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COLTON INDUSTRIES  – Check Valves: Twin Door and Silent.  Strainers:  Basket and Y type.    Foot Valves, Triple Duty Valves, High Performance Butterfly Valves, Ball and Blowdown valves.

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MAXI-THERM – Steam to Liquid Heat Exchanger Systems, skid mounted, utilizing a vertical flooded exchanger that maximizes energy efficiency while discharging condensate with no flash steam.  Ideal for Hydronic Heating, Domestic Hot Water and Clean Steam systems.

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 BOA AMERICAN BOA, Inc.  –Multi-Ply Expansion Joints:  Bellows Type both Standard and Externally Pressurized, SRV Vent Connectors, Bellows Flexible Pump and Compressor Connectors.

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