H.V. Burton Company – Steam & Water Systems

H.V. Burton Company provides chemicals, equipment, and expertise to maximize the efficiency of your HVAC systems and protect the piping and equipment from damage. This includes hydronic and glycol-based systems in industrial, commercial, and institutional buildings.

H.V. Burton Company also provides equipment and expertise for steam applications, including steam specialties and heat exchangers to maximize component efficiency and longevity.

Water Conditioning

H.V. Burton Company provides water treatment chemicals and equipment from a variety of manufacturers. We offer only the highest quality products and will work with you to package the best possible solutions for your water conditioning needs.

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Our Steam Specialty line of products includes: Steam Temperature and Pressure Regulators, Noise Treatment, Acoustical Insulation Jackets, Pneumatic/Electric Actuated Control Valves, Steam Traps, Safety Valves, Vent Connectors, Pressure Powered Condensate Pumps and more.

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Boiler Room Equipment

H.V. Burton Company has equipment for both steam and hydronic systems, ranging from small seal replacements to industrial size, custom pumps and tanks. Design / Build projects are a great fit for the made to order manufacturing style of our lines.

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Steam-To-Liquid Heat Exchangers

Our Maxi-Therm Vertical Flooded Heat Exchangers require less steam, fewer components and less floor space than conventional shell and tube heat exchangers. These units are ideal for steam to liquid Hydronic Heating, Domestic Hot Water, and Clean Steam applications. Contact our applications engineer to provide your Heat Exchanger requirements and reduce your operating expenses.

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Packaged Pumping Systems

TIGERFLOW manufactures systems for many different markets such as Plumbing, Municipal, Industrial, Fire, HVAC, and Irrigation. Each TIGERFLOW packaged system is factory built and tested to meet specifications before it is shipped.

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