H.V. Burton Company Steam & Water Systems


H.V. Burton Company offers on-site testing services for hydronic, glycol-based, and steam systems.

Hot and chilled water systems need to be routinely checked for inhibitors preventing corrosion, scale, and bacterial growth. Also, glycol freeze point can be determined on these visits for immediate results. Full 20+ point glycol analysis is also available.

Northpointe Transfer Hydronic Services

North Pointe Hydronic System CleaningNorthpointe Transfer provides removal and disposal services for a variety of unwanted chemicals. Common applications include flushing systems and disposing of propylene or ethylene glycol in a legal and controlled manner.

Vacuum trucks and tankers are available upon request and can be on site quickly in case of emergency. Northpointe is just one of the many great companies we work with to provide water treatment services. In addition, when it comes to water treatment, your best choice is H.V. Burton Company.  We can provide complete services for any steam or water system.  Schedule a visit from one of our qualified representatives.

Founded in 1959, H.V. Burton Company is a premier manufacturer’s representative organization.  In addition to hydronic services, we offer other services. Services such as:

  • Water Conditioning
  • Steam Specialties
  • Boiler Room Equipment
  • Packaged Steam-To-Liquid Heat Exchangers
  • Packaged Pumping Systems

Furthermore, we can provide you with information on new products. Such as Peraspray General Sanitizer from HOH Water Technology.  Also, this ready to use spray can kill up to 99.99% of all bacteria.  Also, we can recommend the proper boiler room equipment for your building or facility. We offer equipment from Shipco, Penn Separator, and Columbia Boilers.  Finally, have your water tested today by H.V. Burton COmpany. Water treatment can help maintain the life of the water in your system. Contact us today at 734.261.4220 to learn more about all the great services the H.V.Burton Company has to offer.

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