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Packaged Pumping Systems

Tigerflow Co.TIGERFLOW manufactures packaged pumping systems for many different markets such as PlumbingMunicipal, IndustrialFireHVAC, and Irrigation. Each TIGERFLOW packaged system is factory built and tested to meet specifications before it is shipped. We are known to provide innovative solutions to global water challenges through custom design, engineering, and excellent sales support.

Tigerflow has over 30 years of experience in custom-engineered systems. Also, they have been providing diverse engineered water pumping solutions to many companies.  At H.V. Burton Campany we have worked with Tigerflow for decades and highly recommend their products. In addition, their systems are known as some of the best systems in the industry.

Tigerflow Packaged Pumping Systems
Tigerflow Packaged Pumping Systems

Pumping Systems Available

When it comes to what type of system your building needs, we can help. The experts at H.V. burton Company can help you decide exactly what type of equipment you need for your system. Schedule a visit today with one of our experts. In addition to these types of systems, we can analyze the quality of your water in your system.  Also, we can recommend exactly what you need to do to improve your system.

H.V. burton company can also offer on-site testing services for glycol-based, hydronic, and steam systems. In addition, we work with many great companies to help offer you the best services and products available on the market today. Finally, give us a call at 734-261-4220 and see what H.V. Burton Company can do for you!

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