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Water Conditioning

H.V. Burton Company provides water treatment chemicals and equipment from a wide variety of manufacturers.  We offer only the highest quality products and will work with you to package the best possible solutions for your water conditioning needs.  Our service department also provides on-site and laboratory testing options for open and closed loop hydronic and glycol-based systems.

H-O-H Water Treatment Chemicals

HOHH.V. Burton Company provides a variety of water treatment chemicals for closed and open loop systems manufactured by H-O-H Water Technology. Our products clean and treat hot water heating systems, chilled water systems, cooling towers, steam boilers, geothermal systems, snowmelt loops, and others.

Common applications include pre-cleaning for piping and equipment, corrosion and scaling prevention and boil out of new and existing boilers.  Ongoing preventative maintenance on all systems listed above is also available.

Interstate/Dow Glycol & Inhibitors


H.V. Burton Company provides InterCOOL factory inhibited glycol by Interstate Chemical Company and Dowfrost/Dowtherm by Dow Chemical Company as a concentrate or preblended with deionized water. Types include propylene, ethylene, and food grade glycol. Interstate and Dow also produce blends that can be used for systems containing aluminum. Feel free to contact us for data sheets.

Full laboratory services are available for Glycol Analysis. For more information please see Hydronic Systems Testing under Services.

J.L. Wingert Glycol Feeders

J.L. Wingert Co.

H.V. Burton Company provides glycol feed units manufactured by J.L. Wingert.  With three standard models and a long list of custom options, Wingert heavy-duty, automated Glycol Feed Systems deliver a comprehensive package of operational features that meet the specific requirements of virtually any closed loop system. Manufactured to exacting standards, Wingert Glycol Feed Systems offer the flexibility of various pressure ranges, motor sizes, instrumentation and much more. Regardless of the application, there is a Wingert Glycol Feed System to do the job.

J.L. Wingert also manufactures other closed-loop equipment such as corrosion coupon racks and welded steel bodied shot feeders.

Harrington/Harmsco Cartridge and Bag Filters

HFPSidestream filters remove sediment floating in hydronic systems that can lead to corrosion, glycol degradation, and equipment damage.  Harmsco filters use an up-flow design, using the motion of the system to pull water through removable cartridges, providing simple and cost-effective maintenance.  Common uses include hot water heating, chilled water, and snowmelt systems and is effective for water and glycol based systems.

Marlo Water Softeners & Water Purification Systems

H.V. Burton offers meter initiated twin-alternating softeners that effectively reduce hard water scale. This results in lower energy costs and longer equipment life.

The twin alternating design provides a continuous supply of softened water for critical applications, such as boiler feed, with a fully recharged tank always in standby.

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