H.V. Burton Company Steam & Water Systems

Steam Specialties

Our Steam Specialty line of products includes: Steam Temperature and Pressure Regulators, Back Pressure Regulators, Steam/Condensate  Separators, Pneumatic/Electric Actuated Control Valves, Mixing/Diverting Valves, Desuperheaters, Steam Traps, Steam Pressure Relief Valves, Drip Pan Elbows,  SRV Vent Connectors, Uniflex Couplings, Strainers, Vertical Flooded Heat Exchangers and Removable Reusable Insulation & Acoustical Covers.

Spence Steam Pressure Regulators

Spence Engineering Co.Our Spence Steam Pressure Regulators (the original Pilot-Operated Diaphragm actuated regulator) provide the largest variety in the industry from sizes 3/8″ up to 12″. Steam & Fluid Control Devices: Pressure Reducing Valves, Pressure Regulators, Back Pressure Regulators, Differential Regulators, Control Valves, Mixing & Diverting Valves, Commercial & Cryogenic Safety Relief Valves, Desuperheaters, Removable Reusable Insulation/Acoustical Jackets.

Nicholson Steam Traps

Nicholson Steam TrapOur Nicholson steam traps are designed for the industrial & HVAC markets,  ranging from Stainless Steel Sanitary traps to unique Variable Orifice float and thermostatic traps.

Vent Connectors

Our steam safety relief valve Vent Connectors are a safe alternative to the Drip Pan Elbows and frequently provide for smaller vertical vent pipe through the roof.

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