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Boiler Chemical Treatment Companies

Boiler Chemical Treatment Companies

Boiler Chemical Treatment Companies are essential to help maintain the water in your boiler.  Maintaining your broiler water with the proper chemicals will extend the life of your broiler. At H.V. Burton Company, we can recommend the proper chemicals needed for your broiler. In addition, our service department can provide on-site as well as laboratory testing for glycol-based and closed loop hydronic systems.

 H.V. Burton Can Help With Boiler Chemical Treatment

Our water treatment chemicals are provided by H-O-H Water. We also provide other components from companies such as:

  • J.L. Wingert Glycol Feeders
  • Interstate/Dow Glycol & Inhibitors
  • Harrington/Harmsco Cartridge and Bag Filters
  • Marlo Water Softener Purification Systems

Water conditioning is a very important part of boiler maintenance. Also, we can provide twin-alternating softeners that can help reduce hard water scale. What this system does is provide a supply of softened water for your critical applications, like a boiler feed. Along with chemicals and treatments, we can also provide boiler room equipment.

Our boiler room equipment is for hydronic and steam systems. They can range from a small size all the way to the larger industrial size systems. In addition, we can provide plans for a custom built system as well. Some of our boiler equipment is provided from top brands such as Shipco, Penn Separator, and Columbia Boilers. Penn is a national leader in manufacturing Boiler BLowdown Separators, as well as Flash Separators.

Columbia boilers have been manufacturing commercial and industrial boilers for decades. Their boilers range from 4-150 HP and are often found in hospitals, offices, schools, and churches. When it comes to steam and water systems, your reliable experts are H.V. Burton Company. We have been providing services for all types of boiler systems for over 40 years. Finally, give us a call today at 734.261.4220 or schedule a visit today and see what we can do for you!