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Water Treatment Company In Michigan

Water Treatment Company In Michigan

The water treatment involves the use of chemicals and other means to improve the quality of water for end use. The uses may range from drinking water, industrial water supply to river maintenance. When seeking a water treatment company in Michigan, your first and only stop should be with H.V. Burton Company. At H.V. Burton Company we can help you find the right solution for water treatment needs.

Water Conditioning and Treatment

Our services can provide you with a number of water conditioning options. Services such as cooling water, steam boiler water, wastewater, closed system, and water safety. A cooling water system is designed for use of water efficiently. This would save the company money with lower energy bills. Steam is used in boilers to keep the building warm. Our systems will run more efficiently than the traditional steam systems.

If your company produces water that is not safe for the environment, then you need a wastewater solution. We have solutions to help reduce the cost of handling wastewater.  Three problems can occur in a closed system, corrosion, microbiology, and also suspended solids. Our systems and solutions focus on eliminating these problems. Water safety is the final concern about water in your company. In addition, the steps you take to help reduce the risk of things such as Legionella in your water will save you in the long run.

Water Treatment Company H.V. Burton Company

Of course, these are just a few of the things you should be aware of when it comes to water treatment. The experts at H.V. Burton Company can answer all your water treatment questions and concerns. In addition to water treatment, we can also answer questions on boiler room equipment, steam specialties, packaged-pumping systems and more.  Finally, schedule a visit today, and see what we can do for you!