Welcome to H. V. Burton Company

The H.V. Burton Company is a manufacturer’s representative firm established in 1959 covering all of MICHIGAN and NORTHWEST OHIO. We represent several leading manufacturers of boilers and accessories, water conditioning equipment, steam specialties, packaged pumping systems and expansion joints.

Our line of boilers and accessories which includes deaerators, boiler feed systems, condensate pumping units, water conditioning, blowdown systems, economizers and heat recovery systems, enables us to provide you a complete boiler room package.

Our water conditioning systems include chemical treatment, softeners, dealkalizers, demineralizers, reverse osmosis systems, filters and deaerators.

Our steam specialty line of products includes: Steam Temperature and Pressure Regulators, Steam Separators, Pneumatic/Electric actuated Control Valves, Desuperheaters, Steam Traps, Pressure Relief Valves, Drip Pan Elbows, Vent Connectors, Uniflex Couplings, Strainers, Vertical Flooded Heat Exchangers and Removable Reusable Insulation/Acoustical Covers.

Packaged pumping systems include booster systems, hot and chilled water systems, process packages, fire pump systems, heat transfer systems, seal water systems, condensate and boiler feed systems, and water heating systems.

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