Shipco® Type DS-MU and DSS-MU

Shipco® Type DS-MU and DSS-MU

Are you aware that Shipco® Type DS-MU condensate units can be sold or offered with the patented Model MU pump mounted on top of the receiver?  The receiver can be fabricated out of black steel (Type DS-MU) or stainless steel (Type DSS-MU). Also, Types DS-MU and DSS-MU have the lowest return inlet on the market located at 6-1/2”.  This product line is a space saver, eliminating the need for suction isolation valves (the pump is mounted on top of the receiver). In addition, the pumps can handle condensate up to 210°F, or more!

Type DS-MU

The patented Shipco® Model MU pump will allow you to sell the complete unit in-pit applications or also just to lock up specifications against your competitors. Looking for surge tanks for your system?

Speaking of versatility, you can mount these pumps on our cast iron receivers or a steel cylindrical receiver.  You can even mount them on an ASME pressurized tank! Just imagine — a Shipco® Model U pump mounted on top of a Type DMC or a floor-mounted Type SHM unit functioning as a surge tank.

Let’s capitalize on our ability to think outside of the box. Also, not to mention ensuring your bid package is limited to your line card!  For pictures or more details on potential applications, contact the Shipco®  marketing department.

Check out the Type DS-MU and DSS-MU. Finally, if you have more questions about Shipco® contact H.V. Burton Company today. Call 734.261.4220 for all your information on boiler room equipment.