Boiler Feed Units – Treatment, Pumps & Tanks

The water in boilers, of any caliber, needs to be carefully maintained. Boiler feed units focus on the removal of substances potentially damaging to the boiler. The different types of damage include, but are not limited to, scale- the build-up of hard minerals, corrosion- the gradual destruction of materials, and foaming. The foaming of water as it boils caused by water impurities. There are both external and internal aspects of feed-water treatment here we are looking at external solutions.

External Feed Water Treatment

An external feed-water treatment system removes the impurities from the boiler water supply before it reaches the boiler. Cast iron deaerators to remove the oxygen and other gases from the water are also available through HV Burton. Along with surge tanks that are used to increase the storage capacity of the boiler feed water system. Working similar to the boiler feed unit, it feeds the deaerators instead of the boiler.

To avoid extreme temperature variations of water the make-up water that is sent to a surge tank it is blended with the hot condensate returns. This avoids shocking the deaerator. The transfer pumps must run continuously during this process.

Shipco Feed Pumps & Surge TanksShipco Boiler Feed Unit

A wide range of flows and pressures can be handled by design and our experts can assist. Shipco is a trusted name; manufacturing boiler feed units, pumps and surge tanks. With Shipco products, HV Burton can tailor make a system to provide the feed-water you need! We’re used to solving unique problems both in function and space.

Do you have any projects in need of a Boiler Feed Unit? We can build custom-designed units for difficult installation situations. We carry Shipco pumps designed to provide feedwater to a boiler. Contact us by email or call 734.261.4220 to reach our experts. Standard Units are stocked for immediate shipments at many low priced options.