Boiler Water Treatment Companies

Boiler Water Treatment Companies

When it comes to boiler water treatment, your first choice should be H.V. Burton Company. Overtime boilers can build up deposits and corrosion, so proper water treatment is always necessary.  In addition, a boiler requires the right chemical treatment and professional monitoring and control.

H.V. Burton Compan Boiler Water Treatment

At H.V. Burton Company, we can place you with the proper services to help maintain your boiler system. We work with great companies such as H-O-H Water Treatment, Interstate/Dow Glycol & Inhibitors, and also J.L. Wingert Glycol Feeders to name a few.  Our experienced staff can help you with proper recommendations for treating your water system.  The deposits that can build up may contain metal oxides, mineral scale, and sludge.

This type of build-up could greatly affect the boiler’s ability to transfer heat. Our engineers can help diagnose the issues with your system to help make your system run more effectively. Another consideration is the water softeners. At H.V. Burton Company, we offer meter initiated twin-alternating softners. This will help reduce the hard water scale in the system. In addition, this will result in lower energy costs overall.

Not only do we offer water treatment options, but we also can provide you with boiler room equipment as well. We have an extensive line of centrifugal pumps as well as tanks for steam boiler feed and condensate return. We provide boiler room equipment from major brands such as Columbia, Penn, and Shipco. No matter what type of boiler system you have, the experts at H.V. Burton Company can help you.

In addition to boiler room equipment, we can provide you with a full packaged pumping system if needed. These systems are from Tigerflow manufacturers and are regarded as some of the best in the industry. Finally, give us a call today at 734-261-4220 or use our easy contact form and see what we can do for you!