Introducing The Shipco Model U

Introducing The Shipco Model U

One of H.V. Burton’s partner companies is Shipco Pumps. They are introducing the new Model U and Model MU Underground Pumps.  Are you aware that Shipco® is the only manufacturer of a centrifugal underground style bronze fitted pump “Model U”? In addition, it can handle temperatures above 200°F. It is equipped with industry-standard motors available in single-phase or three-phase.

Model U or Model MU

The Model U pump is more durable and easier to maintain than other top mounted pump designs, which often have a chronic lower bearing failure. In addition, Shipco®  can make the pump column assembly using stainless steel or black steel and the depth is adjustable from as shallow as 6 inches deep up to 27 feet deep! Also, you can keep two feet of water above the pump suction and the pump can handle liquid saturation temperatures.

This pump can be placed on any type of tank that is cast iron, stainless steel, or black steel. Also, these pumps are close-coupled to the motor and above the cover plate. This makes removal simple and very easy without messing with the cover plate. In addition, the motor assembly has submerged propellers. In the first stage, the propeller is small which fits with the column.  This helps conduct the water upward. The propeller shaft is more durable and simpler than most other designs.

If you would like to learn more about this Shipco pump click here. The Model U pump is just one of the many new options we can find you here at H.V. Burton Company. We have a strong network of companies we work with that can supply you with the products and services you need. Finally, you can schedule a visit from H.V. Burton Company today, and we can help you find exactly what products or services you need.