Peraspray And Sanitizer Available

Peraspray And Sanitizer Available

With the outbreak of COVID 19, companies are under even more pressure to keep employees safe and their areas sanitized. One product available now that can help combat this is a PeraSpray. At H.V. Burton COmpany we have partnered with EnviroTech to offer companies a PeraSpray. This spray is a ready-to-use Peraceticx Acid Sanitizer for food or beverage. Also, this spray can be used on a multitude of surfaces to help sanitize the areas.

Peraspray KIlls Bacteria And Viruses

This spray can kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. In addition, it is ideal for sanitizing equipment in the fight against COVID.  Use is very simple, just spray the area until wet, let it stand for 60 seconds then wipe down the area. This spray can be used in restaurants, butcher shops, kitchens, supermarkets, and many other businesses. The Peraspray is available in the 12-quart cases, pails, and drums depending on your needs. Contact H.V. Burton today for more information.

In addition, to the spray, H.V. Burton now offers hand sanitizer as well. At H.V. Burton Company, we have a long-standing relationship with HOH Water Technology.  Now available is a no-rinse, pH-balanced hand sanitizer that complies with the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.  Also. this sanitizer is alcohol-based and fully bio-degradable that also includes glycerine to help protect skin from drying out.

Sanitizer For Your Company

As the lockdown starts to come to an end, that means the workforce is returning. Companies are obligated to provide proper means of sanitation for their employees. The HOH hand sanitizer is the perfect solution for that need.  In addition, this sanitizer is available in five-gallon pails or even larger container sizes. Also, the sanitizer has a shelf life of up to two years from the day it was manufactured. Finally, contact HV. Burton today for more information on all your sanitizing options.